// These Things: A Retrospective, (for now)

2015, The Green Shed, The Ruskin School of Art.

Mixed media

These things don’t really care about you. Sorry.

I’m a hoarder. Sometimes I try to make things look nice when I photograph them, but it’s a constant process of embracing failure. They might think they’re finished, but really these things are waiting.
We always want more. It’s so hard to be satiated. Sometimes being filled and being fulfilled are the same thing. We buy but we struggle to own.
Maybe I like control, or maybe I don’t like control. Something in between? I leave my things in transitional spaces, nonspace, a world where all understandings of authority, value and powerplay have the capability to invert themselves. Some of these things try to invite you, in order to reject you. They’re loaded with passive aggression and muted violence, but you might not know.